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Majority of DevSecOps staff have considered quitting New! 2021-10-26 09:00:54The pressure to deliver is too much for some

What is AMP? New! 2021-10-26 08:39:08If you're new to website building, you might be wondering: what is AMP? Read our explainer to find out.

Gen Z may not be able to solve New! 2021-10-26 07:30:00The younger workforce isn't all that confident in its digital skills

Businesses worry about their ability to prevent data New! 2021-10-26 07:00:18In a third of cases, data exfiltration resulted in the loss of credentials

No entry: How to protect your businesses as New! 2021-10-26 06:00:09Here we explain in more detail, using nightclubbing as an example, to show you how to best protect your organization.

Rise of the Edge – analytics and compute New! 2021-10-26 05:30:51The rising importance of data could be argued as one of the most important side effects of the internet revolution

New demands of data require balanced approach to New! 2021-10-26 05:00:23Data teams are finding a balanced approach to the new demands of data

Abode Business review New! 2021-10-26 04:33:24Abode Business offers DIY security options that are cost-effective with innovative hardware and some decent business features.

The rise of Ransom DDoS: How organizations can New! 2021-10-26 04:30:09Ransomware attacks are dominating cybercrime headlines and are presenting an increasing, and very real, threat to all businesses

What is the role of the channel in New! 2021-10-26 04:00:04The channel should be working with their customers to fight against ransomware, but how?

What is web hosting? 2021-10-25 11:28:29What is web hosting? We outline everything you need to know about hosting, to help you get started with your new website.

Best European web hosting providers in 2021 2021-10-25 10:58:51We outline the best European web hosting providers available, to assist your business if it has an EU or UK customer base.

TechRadar: Internet news

Six steps to making your business website accessible 2021-10-05 07:57:42A combination of AI technology, human developers and regular monitoring can make your website accessible and inclusive.

Virgin's fibre broadband starts at just £24/pm and 2021-10-05 06:31:31If you're in the market to upgrade your internet, these broadband deals from Virgin will be perfect.

Why do all the biggest websites keep falling 2021-10-05 06:26:33The chances are this will not the the last major website outage this year.

Netflix extends ‘Play Something’ feature to Android mobile 2021-10-05 04:18:58After launching its 'Play Something' instant-streaming shuffle feature on connected TVs last April, Netflix is now adding the feature to Android mob

India at the cusp of the digital revolution, 2021-10-05 01:57:37TechRadar India interacted with COAI's Director General Dr. S.P. Kochhar to talk about the state of 5G in India, issues around data security and more

Internet Archive: Forget the Wayback Machine, there's now 2021-10-04 11:16:57Internet Archive launches Wayforward Machine to mark its 25th anniversary.

Early trends indicate Amazon, Flipkart set for record 2021-10-04 01:52:19Amazon and Flipkart say that the early trends during their respective festive sales reflected upbeat consumer sentiment and the growth for micro, smal

Best Website Builder of 2021: In-depth reviews of 2021-10-01 12:06:40We've selected the best website builders available on the market for all your online needs.

Vodafone's latest fibre broadband deals are simply the 2021-10-01 12:00:27A fantastic offer on these affordable fibre broadband deals. Get big cash vouchers with Vodafone's promotions.

Top websites see outages as Let's Encrypt's CA 2021-10-01 10:13:15Websites and apps go down following expiration of root CA certificates provided by Let's Encrypt.

Flipkart extends its 'Smart Upgrade' and exchange program 2021-10-01 05:07:34The programs are now available under several new categories, including TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and tablets. Small home appliances such as

NITI Aayog, AWS, and Intel collaborate to speed 2021-10-01 02:06:32The new Experience Studio at the NITI Aayog Cloud Innovation Center will be a hub for collaboration and experimentation, and will initially focus on h

Dev Pro

What Is Endpoint Protection?  2021-10-21 13:39:00Endpoint protection is the practice used by cybersecurity and IT professionals to keep devices ranging from laptops and mobile phones to printers and

Node.js 17 Extends Open Source JavaScript Promise APIs 2021-10-20 14:45:00The new release of Node.js improves security by supporting OpenSSL 3 and adds new Promise API capabilities to the popular JavaScript framework.

What Are Low-Code/No-Code Platforms? 2021-10-20 10:47:00Low-code/no-code tools have gotten a lot of attention since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they have been around well before the shift to rem

A First Look at Windows 11’s Advanced Storage 2021-10-20 05:56:00Here's how to access the Windows 11 advanced storage features and what you should know about them.

Apple Drops Intel in Biggest MacBook Pro Overhaul 2021-10-19 16:37:00With its new processors and devices, Apple is aiming squarely at the high-end chips that Intel has provided for the MacBook Pro and other top-end Macs

U.S. Lawmakers Question If Amazon Executives Misled Congress 2021-10-18 16:32:00In the letter Monday to CEO Andy Jassy, lawmakers cited “recent, credible reporting that directly contradicts the sworn testimony and

Making Supply Chain Security as Trusty as a 2021-10-17 20:43:00Levi Strauss' move to an SAP managed services approach reduced the visibility and control the clothing company had over supply chain security. Here'

U.S. Treasury Offers Crypto Guidance Amid Ransomware Surge 2021-10-15 16:21:00The average amount of reported ransomware transactions per month in 2021 was $102.3 million, according to the report. If the current trend continues,

Enterprise Data Storage Environments Riddled With Vulnerabilities 2021-10-15 16:13:00Many organizations are not properly protecting their storage and backup systems from compromise, new study finds.

Amazon Challenges Record $865 Million EU Data-Protection Fine 2021-10-15 16:02:00The regulator ruled that Amazon violated the bloc’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through its processing of users’ personal da

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Highlights Security for Open Source 2021-10-15 15:55:00Vulnerabilities in the life cycle of open-source software development can start from tiny crumbs but grow into substantial issues.

Empowering and Securing A More Hybrid, Mobile-First Workforce 2021-10-15 12:39:00Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Duration: 1 hour The pandemic didn’t just disrupt the working patt